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Build and deploy business apps in days

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Drive digital transformation

Are your business processes holding you back? Move ahead of the game, review your business processes, identify any issues and implement new processes and solutions quickly. Easy to do, isn’t it? Usually left to the IT department, traditional methods of developing applications can be lengthy and time-consuming and lack the ability to react quickly to customer feedback.

Faster results with Low-code

You need solutions that are responsive, agile and low-risk. MATS is a breath of fresh air. A new class of business process management (BPM) software that is low to code, quick to learn, easy to use and requires minimal IT support. Deploy business applications in days allowing you to take full control of the processes within your contact centre.

Process innovation using Low-code

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Accelerate your application development

Drag-and-drop pre-coded widgets make it easy for non-coders to quickly configure applications mapped to new or improved processes. It is also much easier and faster to make changes after testing. With its fast, low-risk ‘test and learn’ environment you can rapidly assemble and configure secure cloud or on-premise solutions. See how Adur & Worthing Councils transform existing services with Low-code.

Digital challenges need digital solutions

Low-code platforms allow you to drive digital transformation and competitive differentiation to run services faster, better and more collaboratively. Over 700 organisations trust Netcall with their most valued relationships. And 96% say we meet or exceed their expectations.

MatsSoft named Low-code leader

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