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Interflora revolutionises customer experience
and agent productivity

Interflora's story

Interflora are the world’s largest and most experienced flower delivery network. But, like many contact centres, their inbound call operations experienced fluctuating peaks and troughs in call volumes.

Over a number of years, our solutions have helped Interflora to transform their customer engagement. Read on to learn more

Workforce Management - QMax

Scheduling shifts to accommodate fluctuating call volumes was a careful balance. Predicting staff numbers while maintaining the flexible working environment that was important to so many of their part-time staff was a challenge. QMax integrated seamlessly with Interflora’s existing ACD across 3 sites and boosted operations without the need to employ additional staff.

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Call Management - QueueBuster

During peak times of year, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Interflora experience increased call volumes. This lead to increasing queue times and higher call abandonment. Netcall’s QueueBuster now offers Interflora customers the option to request a call back when an agent becomes available.

Automated telephone payments

In order to increase the number of calls taken by live agents, Interflora wanted to implement a more efficient self-service automated payments tool. This would then free-up live agents to handle the more complex calls and add value to customers. Netcall’s Automated Payments solution increased Interflora’s ROI and supplemented the work of more than 50 live agents for 11 Automation Agents.

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